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It's not about having online presence

– it’s about making a real friendly connection with your potential customer.
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Bet you have been told “you need to work on increasing your social presence” but guess what, in 2022 that is not enough!
Nowadays the only thing that’s scroll stoping you on social media is the WOW post, or something that takes your attention for a moment.

Social Media as a concept helps businesses gain attention through eye-capturing and engaging content.
But what makes a great Social Media Marketer?
Build an authentic relationship with your prospects, they’ll choose you without thinking twice.

But What Exactly Do We Do?

We work with small to mid-size businesses as their Social Media Marketing company. We design, write, and post to the primary social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram & Google) to create an effective and visually appealing engaging content  for their brands.

We know the importance of Social Media for any business and we understand that it is not always easy for a business to internally manage their Social Media outlets, and to actually do it well.

Our goal is to create & build an engaging community for your company and brand that will not only visually stand above the competition, but also be a relevant source of media for your clients, customers, and fans. Social Media is not going anywhere and when your current and potential customers go looking for your business, it needs to be there

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When you’re looking for social media marketing agency that fit your business criteria, always make sure these three aspects are present. Agencies that execute these elements of social media marketing are basing their services on strategy rather than day-to-day tasks.


What starts off as a random, imperfect idea grows into a gorgeous, never seen before engaging design, made directly from the hands of our graphic design Houston team.

Check the successful designs of our highly creative design minds!

Stand out from the competition by looking like real humans who care.

Your audience is fatigued by endless ads and inauthentic brand interactions.

With the right social media content and strategy, you can become a breath of fresh air your customer won’t overlook.

G100X gives you multi-channel social media marketing expertise while collaborating with you to develop a genuine online presence that gets love, likes, and shares – without paying to play.



$ 387 .

Social Media Marketing
• Market anaylsis & opportunities
• Defining goals and target groups
• Defining a content plan
• Managing marketing campaigns ( Facebook and Instagram)
• Design & Copywriting
1hr Brainstorming
2 posts per week
2 story per week
• AD Management
• Monitoring and Optimizing
• Tracking & Reporting


$ 687 .

Social Media Marketing
• Market anaylsis & opportunities
• Defining goals and target groups
• Defining a content plan
• Managing marketing campaigns ( Facebook and Instagram)
• Design & Copywriting
2hr Brainstorming
4 posts per week
4 story per week
• AD Management
• Monitoring and Optimizing
• Tracking & Reporting
2hr Consultation /month


$ 1087 .

Social Media Marketing
• Market anaylsis & opportunities
• Defining goals and target groups
• Defining a content plan
• Managing marketing campaigns ( Facebook and Instagram + GMB)
• Design & Copywriting
2hr Brainstorming
6 posts per week
6 story per week
•AD Management
• Monitoring and Optimizing
• Tracking & Reporting
Managing marketing campaigns (E-mail)
Lead Generation
Sales Funnel Creation 3 per year
Back to Cart - Automation
6hr Consultation /month

What Our Clients Say

I’ve been working with Ivan on different projects for about 2 years now. He helped me design everything from my logo to brochuers & 2 websites of mine. Once he told me ” I have ocd i might go through stuff to make them perfect haha!” I’m stunned with his work! Trust me, Ivan & his team deliver more than requested.

Valash Copenhagen Review

Sheillah V.

CEO, Valash - Copenhagen
I’ve been with g100x for about a year now, we started as a complete branding and web deisgn. They have been excellent communicators and everything gets done in a timely manner. Once Ivan introduced me to SEO which changed the game. We constantly acquire new customers from google searches. We rank in the top searches for more than 20 keywords, I’ve hit the jackpot.​
EuroVizif Web Design

Zoran S.

CEO, Eurovizif

When I came to Ivan my business was lacking COMPLETE BRANDING. I am not tech savvy but I tried to build my website on my own anyway and it was not a success. He took the bare bones website I had and turned it into a work of art. Ivan’s work is not only cost effective but it WILL GET YOU RESULTS…

Totem Financial Wellness Web Design review

Alicia F.

CEO, Totem Financial Wellness


Here are the most common questions, Don't see your question ? Do NOT hesitate to get an aswer!

Social media has become an incredibly important tool for your company, it wears many hats and has evolved to becoming the reputational measuring tool for your business. While we cannot claim the promise of generating more sales, having an active social media shows to your potential customers that you have the team and the time to handle this aspect of your business; this allows them to see that you would have the team and the time to take care of them!
It is much easier to convert a fan to a loyal customer, with social media you get to interact with your audience and they get to participate with your brand. In a time when over 1.5 billion people interact on these social medias, not having a social media presence can defintiely hurt your brand. It brings up the question of authenticity, time management and lack of effort.

Great question! We research your industry, your competitors, and your clientele. We use certain tools to receive alerts regarding your field so that we stay up to date and pro-active with your customers. Depending on your industry, we have a period of 2 weeks where our Project Manager will e-mail you for approvals prior to posting anything on your pages.

Once you have noticed that we have this covered, then we can post directly on your page without the need to receive approvals, which can streamline the process for us. You can also choose to always pre-approve the postings, this is completely up to you and it can depend on your schedule and the sensitivity of your industry. We are extremely good at this, and our goal is to get molded to your brand and take the approach you would or better. Your social medias will not look or feel automated!

There is NO CONTRACT for us to manage your social medias. We are eager to provide you with a great value that will impact your business in a positive manner, if at any point you wish to cancel you can do so. We are always striving to exceed your expectations. We stay in constant communication with you to ensure that you are happy with the results or to adjust our approach if needed.

You have full control of all your social media platforms. Even if we created them for you, you are still the main admin with full control to post at any time. You can also e-mail us specific ideas, photos, or anything you have in mind and we can post it, we’ll always brand it with your logo and customize the posts with some design elements to make them stand out even more.

There is NO charge for this, we will be happy to create your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and GooglePlus. We will create these pages and custom design the header and thumbnails for all of them. You will, of course, remain owner of these pages and have full control as an admin. This is included in all of our packages and will give you an edge over your competitors.
We also make sure all of your information is properly set so that your pages are optimized correctly.

Yes, you should definitely advertise on your Facebook page! We have a $400 a month fee to handle your advertising campaign, the advertising amount that you choose to spend will go strictly to Facebook/Instagram. We recommend a minimum of $500 a month but it depends on your budget and your industry. We create custom advertisements and target a specific audience using the targeting techniques provided by Facebook (we target your audience by their interests, what magazines they read, what companies they like, etc…). By the time they see your ad they are most likely a potential customer already.

G100X was officially established in 2014 as a full in-house Digital Marketing team in Houston, Texas. However, our story began much earlier, all due to the limitless vision of our founder Ivan. Now, we’re a diverse team made of developers, Marketers and designers, but it all started with one man and his hard-working ethic. Our mission is to always go the extra mile and be not just one or two, but ten steps ahead. It’s not always the competition we’re going up against, but also ourselves, as we strive to outdo ourselves and focus on providing top-notch service!


Use the form below to contact us. We look forward to learning more about you, your organization, and how we can help you achieve even greater success.